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An ultra juicy and healthy cheesecake!


Chocolate Pronut



For the donut

5g organic cocoa powder

5g Whey Protein 360 in Chocolate Silk

5g coconut flour

20g apple puree 100% or pumpkin puree (look at baby food)

For the glaze and topping

10g Whey Protein 360 in Chocolate Silk

10ml of water

5g cocoa powder

Kakaonibs or bittersweet to garnish




1 Put all dry ingredients for the donut dough into a cup and mix until evenly distributed.

2 give 20g apple puree into the cup and stir until everything is evenly mixed.

3 Transfer the mixture into a silicone-donut shape, or the bottom of a bowl.

4 Wipe the remaining mixture from the cup and set it aside to mix the glaze.

5 Smooth the top of the dough until it is flat. Wipe all sides off dough pieces so it does not affect the shape.

6 Put in the microwave for 35-40 seconds (850 W).

7 Remove from the microwave and immediately turn the dish / bowl upside down. If necessary, use oven gloves if the bowl or mold is too hot to hold.

8 Take the cup, add 10g Whey Protein 360, 5g cocoa powder and 10ml of water.

9 Stir the „icing“ until a thick paste is formed.

10 Carefully spread the glaze over the donut.

Spread 11 cocoa nibs or chocolate pieces over the glaze. Finished!.




Calories : 139 calories

Proteins : 13g

Carbohydrates : 7g (+ 7g fiber)

Fat : 5g

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