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Creatine For Muscle Construction

Creatine For Muscle Construction

A supplement of creatine offers a variety of benefits to anyone who is physically active.
Creatine is a particularly effective supplement for weight training athletes who aim to gain muscle and build muscle.
It can improve performance, which in the end can lead to faster results in your hard work in the studio
and would take a long time without creatine. Read in advance what creatine is exactly and how it is structured



Creatine is one of the best dietary supplements available for increasing muscle size and strength. Research has repeatedly shown the benefits of creatine supplementation to increase strength, which has usually been demonstrated by an increase in the maximum repetition rate of participants (the maximum weight that a person can lift for repetition, generally in bench press or squat). The increase in strength generally seems to be between 6 and 25%, which represents an increase even at the lowest end of this scale, which can lead to significant muscle growth through consistent training.


Thus, creatine has been shown to significantly increase muscle growth, allowing those taking the product to gain faster and more substantial results. Research shows a substantial increase in lean body mass between 6 and 12 pounds in just 4-6 weeks compared to those who followed the same training protocols without creatine supplementation.


Creatine causes an increase in creatine phosphate (also known as phosphocreatine – PCr), which increases muscle energy (ATP). During exercise, the muscles need increased energy to perform explosive actions such as lifting heavy weights. One important reason that creatine increases muscle size is increasing the capacity of muscles to fill with water – known as cell volumization. The effect of the muscles, which absorb extra water from the bloodstream, forces them to stretch, causing the muscles to grow faster during creatine ingestion.


1. Creatine is the most effective and most widely researched nutritional supplement available on the market today.

2. Take 6-10g of creatine per day.

3. The daily creatine consumption leads to results. Give your body at least 4-6 weeks to assess the effectiveness of your creatine intake.

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