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Vegane Toffee-Apfel-Flapjacks

Vegane Toffee-Apfel-Flapjacks

Nothing evokes fall more than toffee apples and the warming spice of cinnamon. These toffee apple flapjacks promise to bring the scents of campfire night right into your own kitchen! They’re super easy to make and perfect for an on-the-go snack or quick breakfast. Vegan, high in fiber and naturally sweetened with maple syrup, a healthy twist on the classic flapjack.



12 servings

Preparation time

30 minutes

cooking time

45 minutes


285 kcal



For the toffee apple sauce

    • 15g coconut oil
    • 30g light brown sugar
    • 2 tbsp golden syrup (corn syrup)
    • 1 apple (sour – e.g. Pink Lady)

For the flapjacks


Toffee apple sauce

  • Quarter the apple and remove the core. Halve each quarter lengthwise and thinly slice each piece.
  • Place coconut oil, syrup, sugar and apples in a small saucepan.
  • Cook the whole thing over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the butter, sugar and syrup have combined into a sauce and the apple pieces have become soft.
  • Bring everything to a boil and cook for 1 minute.
  • Remove the pot from the heat and set aside.

For the flapjacks

  • Preheat the oven to 160°C and grease a 20 cm long baking sheet and line it with baking paper.
  • Put the syrup, butter and coconut oil in a pot and heat gently until the whole thing has melted – stirring constantly. Mix everything until it becomes liquid.
  • In the meantime, put the instant oat flakes and seeded oat flakes together with the spices in a bowl and stir.
  • Add the oatmeal mix to the pot and mix everything together until a mixture forms.
  • Pour half of the mixture onto the baking tray, spread it out and press it flat. Make sure to flatten the mixture well as this will help the flapjacks hold together in the end.
  • Bake for 10 minutes. Then take them out and pour the toffee apple sauce onto the flapjacks. Once the sauce is on the baked half of the flapjack, carefully pour the raw half over it and put it back in the oven. Alternatively, the sauce can be mixed with the dough and baked together.)
  • Bake the whole thing for another 25-30 minutes.
  • As soon as everything has browned slightly, remove it from the oven and cut it into small pieces. Keep the flapjacks in the baking tray until they cool down.
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